Annette V Costa

NeuroLanguage Coach®


NeuroLanguage Coach®

Elevate Your Language Skills with Customized English Coaching for Success!

Language Coaching Services:


Elevate language skills and boost confidence for compelling presentations.
Train and excel in public speaking.


Classes for precise communication needs.
Emphasize correct pronunciation and effective communication.


Prepare interviewers to excel in every conversation.
Balance preparation and improvisation for successful interviews.

Personalized Language Classes

Language classes are tailored to meet your specific requirements, whether you’re seeking private or group instruction. I adapt the curriculum to address individual language needs or focus on enhancing overall fluency. Engaging students with up-to-date materials, ensuring challenging content and active participation in every class. I prioritize refining production skills and collaborating closely with every learner to provide a tailored educational journey.

Customized Structures and goals

What sets apart is my commitment is understanding your business and your employees’ needs. Collaborating closely with your HR department to create a unique and effective program. I assess each student’s requirements and implement dynamic learning processes to meet them.

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